Welcome to MCLG.org

This website is owned and operated by the Morgan County Landowner Group (MCLGInc).  If you own mineral rights in Morgan County, are a surface owner interested in the consequences of drilling activity, or are a concerned citizen of the county wanting to make sure that gas and oil development has a good and lasting impact upon our county, we encourage you to read on. 

The MCLG has these goals:

1). Educate the community on oil and gas leasing
2). Develop landowner-friendly lease terms
3). Negotiate a successful oil and gas lease directly with a major oil company

4). Have patience & transparency throughout the process

The way we are helping to accomplish these goals is by sharing information with landowners about gas and oil drilling activities in the county. Leasing mineral rights is a decision that will span a generation, and informed landowners are better able to make the right decisions. We know there is plenty of misinformation surrounding oil/gas leasing, and we strive to present current and factual information.


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